Featuring accomplished musicians James Warda on lead vocals and guitar, Kevin Orfield on lead guitar, Dave Hodgson on bass, and John Mueller on drums, The Groove brings a depth and breadth of experience playing and performing, a variety of influences, and a real passion to their music. 

As the name says, the band does songs with a groove. Songs that make you move ─ even before you realize you’re moving. And done in a way you haven't heard before because the band wants every show to hold some sweet surprise. And because, as the great Robert Plant once said, "The worst thing in the world with music is to keep it going identical forever and ever." 

But, no matter what they play, they guarantee that it’ll make you feel good. Real good. 

In fact, after you come to one of The Groove’s shows, you’ll leave smiling, laughing, tired from dancing, and texting and SnapChatting friends to tell them about the great band you just saw. You’ll not remember the last time you had so much fun. Then, you’ll find yourself planning your nights out around the band’s schedule. And, finally, you’ll be wearing one of The Groove’s t-shirts, drinking out of one of The Groove’s coffee mugs, and dancing to one of The Groove’s songs, all the while wondering what the members of The Groove are thinking and doing at that very minute. 

And it will be then, and only then, that you finally realize you not only love going to see The Groove, but you’re actually an honorary member of the band. 

Which will, dare we say it, be real groovy.